Toyohari Acupuncture

Toyohari is a form of Keiraku Chiryo( Japanese Meridian Therapy ). It is a theoretically simple, but technically sophisticated complete system of acupuncture. It is different from most other forms of acupuncture in that it uses very delicate treatment methods, and in that it places a great emphasis on pulse and touch diagnosis.

During a consultation, a standard medical history is taken, after which the pulses on both wrists are felt. The abdomen is touched very lightly in various areas, and the meridians, or channels of acupucture are palpated, primarily on lower legs and forearms.

The objective of the examination is to gain insight into the root of the patient's problem, from a traditional East Asian viewpoint.

Treatment techniques involve using silver, gold or stainless needles, which often only lightly contact the skin, without insertion. Other implements, such as a Teishin, Enshin, or Zanshin may be used to gently stimulate appropriate acupuncture points. The treatment is painless and very relaxing, and thus suits even "needlephobic " people.

Additional techniques may be used for symptomatic treatment, such as very light, conventional needling, moxibustion, intradermal needles, press tack neeedles, press spheres, and specialised treatment of neck and groin areas.

Shonishin paediatric acupuncture is closely related to Toyohari, and is also very well tolerated and gentle. It is painless, and suitable for small infants and children alike. Conventional needles are rarely used, and instead, small metallic implements are used to stimulate body areas or meridians, whilst press spheres may be attached to key points overnight.


Toyohari was developed by blind Japanese acupuncturists, and is a form of traditional Japanese Meridian Therapy. Toyohari training is open to already qualified and licensed traditional acupuncturists on a post-graduate basis, and continuing training and practice is encouraged amongst members of the Toyohari organisations. 


Some tools of the trade: Chokishin, Yoneyama, copper and zinc plates, solid silver needle, two gold Teishin, Herabari.