Remote Video Consultations

We are now able to provide consultations by video link. We will thus still be able to discuss whatever health problem you may have, and advise you on any self-help measures you can take to alleviate pain and ill health, for example what home exercises you should and should not do for your particular problem/condition, how nutritional supplements and dietary changes may help you with inflammation and immune function, how you can use acupressure and other forms of soft tissue work on yourself or your loved ones at home, and how to do this safely. We will also be able to advise you on whether you may have something more sinister that needs urgent medical investigation/care, and to put your mind to rest if you have not. Specific to respiratory problems, we may also advise you on breathing exercises and how to safely mobilise your chest and thoracic( rib ) cage, as well as what type and amount of physical exercise is going to be beneficial for both health and fitness.

Video consultations are very straight forward, and do not require the download of an app. Go to the following link for more information on how this works:

The charge for New Patient Video appointments is £50.00.

The charge for existing patient follow-up Video appointments is £35.00.

Payment by BACS is accepted.

For video appointments, please email us on [email protected]